Tape the sound

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Coming up: My first concert ever!

(Me practicing for my first concert in the basement. Selfportrait) The 2. june I will have my debut concert at "Musikkens dag" on "Signalen", Nesodden! This is really outside my big comfort zone. But it`s there it happens they say... So for the next 3 weeks I have to practice each and every day. I have picked out 5 songs that I have to find a way to play LIVE. It will be, of course, major playback, but I have to do something on stage. Bass guitar, and vocal! Ohh yeah. That´s scary to think about. I am so nervous, but also excited to take part of this big arrangement with a lot of different band. I got about 30 minutes to present myself. I made myself a rehersal-room at the basement. I thought it would be more quiet to my neighbors. But I´m really not sure if this is a good solution. I was testing this out today,(see picture) but you could hear me in the entrance of the building. Since I´m trying to sing, I really need to be all alone, and no one to hear... Yet. I been to my parents house and they have this old store house that I maybe try instead. Moving there probably these next days. Only 3 weeks before I´m on stage for the first time in my life. Gaaaasp!