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Monday, May 13, 2019


Et par ting jeg har tenkt litt på… Blir noen fine setninger av det. Siden det er vår...

Monday, March 11, 2019

View 1 : En påskefortelling

Endelig har jeg funnet en slags "bekledning" til det jeg skriver og fotograferer. En fanzine rett og slett. For hva er vel livet uten den musikken jeg til enhver tid hører på?
Så det er med!
View 1 er den første fanzinen i det som blir en serie, utgitt med ujevne mellomrom. Her finner du altså mine tekster, dikt, bilder og musikken jeg lytter på.
Nr 1 er en påskefortelling fra oppholdet på Minnesjord i Flatdal, Telemark.
Rett så originalt og fornøyelig.

Jeg har trykket opp, og signert 50 eksemplarer av denne i A5 størrelse. Vil du ha et klenodium fra meg, så er dette en mulighet. Tar kun for porto og pakking, sånn ca eksakt en 50 lapp. Så ta kontakt så sender jeg deg ett eks.

Ha en fornøyelig lesning.

More LITH work from the darkroom

Done some more lith developing in the darkroom. This is really a thing that demands patience. A really slow process with chemicals and time developer. But the results is awesome!
Working with a new exhibition! Oh yeah. I will tell. Later.
For now I have to do a lot of unike prints. Using the equipment in Cyan Studio, Oslo.
This pictures are made on Foma paper. Original size about 21x21 cm. "Road and trees" are photographed on Rollei IR film. "The small lake" are on Ilford delta 400 film. Using lith developer LD20.

Fawm 2019

Every year I have this thing going on with FAWM: February album writing month . (A community were to write 14 songs during february. Collaboration are possible!) This year I had to be more laidback due to other work. But I was dropping by, now and then, and I actually managed to make some melodies to!
But I must admit that this year I was not so concentrated as I should be. Didn`t have time to comment others stuff either. Sorry for this all FAWM friends.
Here are the results that I could do this year.
And as always they are available pxm one year from now.
Enjoy listening.


Songs (8)

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Winter is coming

I pretty much enjoy these pictures I shot in Rendalen. Using my little Canon G9x always on square size.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Rendalen Norway

Well, this is the valley I got myself an old cottage.  These picture´s I shot this autumn actually at my birthday! I think I gonna love Rendalen. This is really a hidden pearl. And I am so looking forward to spend a lot of time here. Including building up my music studio. Sure there will be a lot of photo´s. Using Lubitel camera on this. Taste of Rendalen:

Monday, November 12, 2018

Shimmering Light

My new theme begins this year. "Shimmering Light" will be by new theme almost all over. In black and white of course. Using Diane F camera and also a Lubitel camera. Usually loaded with Ilford Delta 400 film. But some Rollei IR film also do the thing.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Värmlandsnäs Sweden

This summer I was doing some days in Swedens Värmlandsnäs . I just fell in love with this area outside Säffle. I really wish I could have a place to stay here. I was actually looking at one. But the place I fall in love with, goes too high on what I could afford.  But that´s another story. Enjoy these picture´s. I just can imagine how it could be, to be here through all seasons over time. Winter, spring, summer.  I think I could create magical moments in photographs here. But it is a matter of a place to stay. …

Monday, October 1, 2018


A really special place in Norway is ODDA. This city inside Hardangerfjorden is totally amazing. An old industry town. And it all seems so forgotten. Everything is still there, even if it not in use anymore. If you wan´t to make a movie from the 50´s 60´s or so, go to Odda.  I was there this summer on my
roadtrip. But I was only passing by. Next time I sure will stay a couple of days to make more photos.
With this 3 picture´s I try to capture some of it moods. Because there is big soul in Odda!

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Warpness: Undervegs VIDEO

From the Warpness album "Mørkerom" 2018

Music by Warpness from the album "Mørkerom" 2018. Song title: "Undervegs". 
The movie you see here is a restored version of H.G. Wells "Things to come" from 1936.
This is a british science fiction from United Artists, produced by Alexander Korda, directed by William Cameron Menzies and written by H.G. Wells. 
I took the liberty to use my music on this amazing film.
Warpness aka Tom S. Engebretsen

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Bilder og tekst Aforismer

Har flere slike å by på nå…. Følg meg gjerne på instagram:  @tomstaleengebretsen .  Legger ut alt undervegs der.


Bare noen bilder fra Tynset. Kan bli flere bilder fra Øvre Rendalen fremover. Har et krypinn der nå….. Og musikk selvfølgelig. Blir tid i november til å holde på.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Roadtrip Norway

I have had a really nice roadtrip around south and middle of Norway. And of course a lots of picture´s. This is sort of part 1: The Roads.


Her er noen splitter nye aforismer fra undertegnede. Bildene i bakgrunnen har jeg tatt med infrarød sort/hvitt filn fra Rollei med mitt Diane F kamera. Tror at denne oppskriften kan være presentabel….

Thursday, March 1, 2018

My FAWM 2018

This years FAWM (february album writing month) was quite good for me.I actually did the goal about 14 songs this year. And I also did a lot of comments this year. Actually I get the "poster" for "Tripletime Trooper" (Over 300 comments) so it has been good activity from me this year. 
Many new collaborators also! Many new people to know this year on this community. And of course: Many new good songs. This is the only month in year I do sing, so I must admit I am alway a little rusty when I start at fawm. But this is a songwriter month, and IF I am gonna use some of these vocal songs, I will do my rehearsal first. I am much more comfortable with my instrumental songs. Like "Three of Wands". 
Thanks a lot to all my old and new partners these year, and also thanks to Helene Fjell for doing choir on one of these songs…
All songs are available pxm one year from now, before they are deleted.