Tape the sound

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Saturday 2. june: My concert!

Only 2 days left for my first concert ever! Little bit frightened, but mostly I´m looking forward to this. I have no idea how many hours I have spent in the basement to practice. That`s a lot! My program is ready, sort of... Some voice melody tunes is still not finished, but I will be ready in time. I didn`t move my equipment to my parents house. The cold cellar here had to do it. Here are the songs I´m gonna perform: Starting up with "Sunshine" using bass guitar. Keep on playing bass on a new song that I call "Propaganda". Then I will sing on "She would hide from me". I kind of electro-rock composition. These 3 songs have been mastered by Chris Graham in a concert version mix I send him. Sounds good! And then one of my new favorite is coming up: "Straight ahead" with newly written lyrics. I think I have to change the name of this song because of the lyrics. "Here somewhere" next. Also with lyrics at the end. And finally "Anthom". I have to shorten it a bit, because of the length of my 30 minutes program. But that´s OK. This is awesome, and I looking forward to present my music for an audience for the first time. Be there if you can.
The complete program