Tape the sound

Thursday, June 7, 2012

My first concert ever!

Here is a report from my first concert ever. I was really prepared for this with a lot of practicing and rehearsal. But still, I´ve got some shitty bad nerves when the day come. 2. June 2012. I was standing on the stage with my own material and songs. It went well though. Seems like everybody enjoyed it. And they really do! 6 songs from my production ”live.” ”Sunshine” was the first. Some problems with one of the speaker. I´ve played on, (with one speaker) and it was away a minute or so, before it get fixed. But after all this was no big deal. I did play bass guitar on my two first songs. The second one, was a new tune I call ”Propaganda.” Then it was time to sing! Yep. First time live, and first time I tried this. Used the last month to get my voice somewhere. And it worked on both ”She would hide from me.” and ”I will travel to America” (Rewritten song/lyrics from Straight ahead) And then I played ”Here somewhere” And now people was dancing!!! What and relief. At this moment I finally relax. This was really the best part of my show. ”I played a few minutes of ”Anthom" at last. Ticking in on 30 minutes that was the limit for the concert. So what do I think and experienced? MORE!!! I enjoyed it. Now I know what it is. And I really would do this again. I have to learn more about live playing and I think my vocal can be something. It`s a kind of dream come trough, and I think I can be even better. Yes I know I can. I am so grateful that it was many of my friends there. That helped me a lot. THX to everyone. Thx also for the photos you guys send me. Thx also to Jonas Lange, who arranged ”Musikkfest Nesodden” for encouraging me to do this. (All together it was 12 band playing this day.) And also thx to Helene for filming the show. That will be used on later videos. "She would hide from me" Live mix. Listen here.