Tape the sound

Friday, December 10, 2010

Keeping up the good work in music studio

Another great day in the making of my music album.
Started in Oslo, with short meeting at Tono-office and NCB-office. I have to find out about the paper works. What to do and so on.
They were very helpful at both this offices. I get a short introduction to what I have to do.
I also bought Jørn Dalchow´s book about record business today. (Hey I´m friend of this man. Get his signature in the book later I think.)

Then going on to Nesodden again and meet Anton Jawdokimov in his studio again. Today we do the mix and master on "Tomorrow is another day."

Anton concentrating.
It takes time, that for sure. Anton sure know how to get the best sound out of my songs. Involved also in the arrangement of todays piece. Finding this cool drums noices, lifting up the songs. A couple of piano loops that I have used, must be changed. They didn´t sound alike. Anton played it instead, fixing it that way.

So this was a good and a hard days work. Almost that I feel were using more and more time for each new song to be completed.
Now it is 6 out of 10.

(Me standing behind)