Tape the sound

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Here somewhere

Yesterday we make the mix on "Here somewhere" to my music Cd. It´s awesome!!! This was actually the song that got me into making music for about one year ago. It´s got the power, energy and the melody that really started the hole project. And again
I´m so happy about Anton`s work on this. He got everything out of the song!
I have always thought that this should be a vocal track, and now i`m shure. I`ll just have to ask XXX to do this. And of course write the lyrics first. I have this man XXX in my thoughts all the way. I know what he can do. He got the vocal I like, and he is famous amongst music lovers in Norway... And he live nearby.
Well, this is yet to be coming up.
Tomorrow we gonna mix a new song in studio again. Looking forward to it.