Tape the sound

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Techno alert: Lighthouse

Some action now. I have done my experiements last year and really looking forward to do some progressive house, trance, technostuff. 2 songs finished. This is the first one. Started on this before christmas and finished it up today. It take`s more and more time for each new song I made. I think that maybe is a quality sign. This one`s really kicks!
So what brings the future: Really don`t know. I keep going on and making songs. I will hereafter use my real name, TS Engebretsen on everything I do. Thomsen is for insiders who know about me on this blog. Yes You! But I had a problem using so many alias. So from now on everything I do, photo, design, artwork will be signed by my real name in short. TS Engebretsen.