Tape the sound

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Half way trough

Today I met Anton in his studio again. This time we go for the song "Langt hjem"("Long way home") This is really not an easy piece of music to mix. I have put a ton`s of sounds and noise on it. Anton had to clean it up a little. That really took a lot of energy out of todays work.
"Langt hjem" is a kind of epic music story, and the song can take many directions in the mix. I`ve learn that today.
I think I maybe got what I want, but Anton would really like to make another version, later.
The result is anyway a little different from what you can hear another place in the blog.
But the sound of the instruments are much much better in the new version. Sometimes I have to kill my darlings too, but this was tough. But I understand why. Too many noises, to much sound, that really doesn´t fit together. Big thanks to Anton for telling me this. But nevertheless I think this is one of my best songs. (Did I say that again?...)

This is the song I also have in mind when it comes to make a video.... More about that later.
The energy in this song, was what we actually could handle today. Both of us.
So we keep on later this week with more work.
Were half way trough.
Two more songs are ready for the mixing process.
One song I have to convert from garage band, and go trough again. And that`s my HIT song. Yeah.
The last two songs is not quite completed yet.