Tape the sound

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New day in studio making my music album

I´m so proud. My songs are really turning good after Anton`s magical touch on them. Today we finished two more songs.
Since the last day in studio I have to figure out which songs there gonna be on my release. (Still not finished with that.)
One of the songs I changed completely before I met Anton today, is now called "Together". (Before: 4ever 2gether)
I didn´t like the sound in the old version. To noisy drums, and a bass that didn`t work. So I was sitting up really late 2 nights before I brought the new result to Anton`s studio.
I doubt if he was going to like the song, but he really enjoyed it. Even if there is a tons of different track and sounds on it.
He put his magic fingers and ear to it, and the result is so good that I almost cry.... I love this song myself, and now it turn out to be really one of my favourites.

Anton testing out my wavedrum. He liked it!

The other song today was "Open road". Here again Anton put a little more into it. (A little film voice-speaker among others.)
It was much more difficult to mix and master this song than I thought. He had to adjust the sync on bass-line and drums.
Now it sound much better and more "real".

Altogether I think this was a marvelous day. I`m learning so much. And I also see that this couldn`t be so good without Anton`s help. So professional, so into it, so good.
Really looking forward to continue next week. Going on like this will bring an awesome result.