Tape the sound

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Work in progress

My first music CD is in progress from today. 2 songs were mixed and mastered by Anton Jawdokimov today! It sounds awesome! The first song we started with is "Skogen"/"Forest". That learned me a lot about how Logic 9 (musicprogram) works. I have made a raw-mix on every songs that I have made this year, since I started. Well, still there is way more to learn. I saw that today. Anton is professional, and I´m impressed about what he did. Of course I never thought it would be easy going for myself. I`m so new into all this technical stuff. I do my best putting the songs together. And they are getting better for every new song. But the more I learn, the more I know that I can`t. Very much the same procedure as I learn in Photoshop and InDesign. But I know how to use this tools now. Logic 9 is still a big mystery. Or a little less today. I couldn´t possible now about all the challenge here.

The other song we, (read Anton) put together with mix and mastering today was "Straight ahead." This song was actually easy to do. And for my relief the time we use can sometimes be short. I think I maybe have a few more songs in this direction.

Today I also decided that 10 songs is more than enough for my CD. I was thinking about a few more, but the time that actually run away in mix-master process is a lot. So until thursday I have to find out wich songs that I think is good enough for the CD.

After all I´m proud of getting so far allready. I started this almost a year ago. Never touched any instruments at all. Even if my music interest are far beyond normal.
- Music was my first love, and it would be my last. John Miles.
Those words belong to me I think... That´s why this is so incredible amazing to do. I got about 25 full-filled songs during this first year. It´s gonna be 10 on my CD. The work is in progress!