Tape the sound

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Report from my CD production

At last, there is a little time to tell what status is. Anton Jawdokimow, the sound and masterguru and I did some tracks during last friday, and monday.
The track we started on on friday, is more a beat/club thing. Anton enjoyed this song, and he was given free hands to do this song. He rearranged the hole song. Keeping up the parts that he like,and added a tons of new material on it. So much, that I think the right thing to do is give him credit as writer on it, beside myself. So the composing is made of both of us. We couldn´t get finished on friday with this one, so we , read Anton, finished the song on monday. He´s so proud of it, and me too of course. This is really a "slow" teckno song that kick asses. Groovy, funky, hard, original. It´s awesome. A dance-club hit!
Still haven´t a name for it, but as a suggestion "Antom" could be an idea.

We also did the final song for my CD on monday. A more melodic and nice little thing. Again Anton did the best out of the sound.
Name on this song could be "The last goodbye" or something like that.

Outside the studio and the two of us inside.

9 out of 10 songs are ready then.
I still have to chose between the rest of my 4-5 songs to be the last one. But after the result of "Antom" I really think the last song should be one more club-dance song. Most of my material is actually nice and quiet and more of that epic-electronic kind you have to listen to.
Two songs that kicks hard will be the best for the complete album.
We take a christmas brake now, and I can figure out what to do with the last song. Maybe were doing this before new years eve, but anyway, the schedule is very tight these days.
I´m gonna have an opening for my photo exhibition on Flasken bar og vinstue, the 9. of january. Time to focus on that too.
But I don´t stop the CD process now. Really soon to be finished. The "Antom" track will be out very soon on my blog.
Merry Christmas to everyone!