Tape the sound

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Music report and more

Well, I have done my homework. Still looking for the last song to be on my CD. But finally It came out. There is a song that I think will be named "Flux". This is a song inspired by progtech group Fluke. (One of my favourite groups!) Really dancy and cool. I have worked on "Flux" for really a long time. Changing things all the way, like bass and drums. Keeping a kind of hard guitar melody all the way. Now it is ready to be taken to Anton`s studio for a mix. Looking forward to this.
I also did some really nice changes on a former song that i called "September 13th". I will possible beg Anton to do the mix on this song also. Just called "September" now I think.
Anyway, I have to wait until we got time.

I`m also looking of possibility to make and Ipod cast. I have listen to so much ambient music the last days. Ambient with a little more drums to it. Trip hop sort of. I can`t play any of this in my radioprogram. That must be rock there! But I miss to share the other music taste I`ve got. The smooth and synth based music.
Maybe it`s time to make something for my blog too on this.....

What about photo then?...
Well there`s an exhibition with my pictures coming up the 9.th of january. I will use pictures from my "Lyskrydder" serie on this.
Starting the new year making some new ones!
I think my blog need some more photos now!

I wish everyone a happy new year! Keep up the good work all of you.