Tape the sound

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Germany - Nordstrand


Ever since I started with music (4-5 years ago) I´ve been fascinated by the story of Rungholt in north-west Germany. This story has to be a music project! But, there was a few "but`s " here: I must be a better musician. Through the years I am on my way. I´m sure not ready yet, but it was time to visit the place where everything happened long time ago.

So, this february, me and my travel companion Helene Fjell set of to Nordstrand outside Husum. We lived at Nordsee Domizil Schobüll for 8 days.. A base to do research and also some photos. Helene got me started with pinhole photos. Each evening we developed film paper (used as negatives) from our "pinhole-boxes". I got some really nice shots from this. I keep them secret a while….. Future album covers!

Anyway: This tour was meant to be a research tour about "Grote Manddränke". Rungholt´s existence is beyond no doubt. Proved by scientists. (A. Busch)  The only remaing land is the Island Südfall. Rungholt was taken by  "Blanker Hans", the storm weathers name, in 1362. Somewhere between 1000 and 1500 hundred people drowned. That was a huge amount of people at that time. Hamburg had about 8000 citizens at the same time. 

But that is not all: In 1624 "Blanke Hans" appeared once again. It swallowed Alt-Nordstrand in the same area. This time 5000-7000 people drowned. 19 out of 22 churches disappeared in the ocean. We visit 2 of the remaining churches. On at the island Pellworm - Die alte kirche. And the second one at Nordstrand, located at Odebüll.

This is true facts and I am not sure how much I gonna tell this time…
All because this is my future music album. The biggest project I ever done. Planning a release in 2017. I actually need all that time…

During our stay, we met author and guide Robert Brauer. He lived on Südfall for 21 years. He could tell us a lot about the history of Rungholt…

(Robert Brauer and me looking at pictures from his science of Rungholt. Photo Helene Fjell)

So this mission to this area was a complete success. To understand and to get the facts about the history. (There is even a "Blanker Hans" museum in Busum. http://www.blanker-hans.de Of course we went there to. 

The music process will continue the next years.