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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fawm.org 2015

For the second time I participated at Fawm.org this year. (also did it in 2013) The issue is very simple: 14 songs during february month. A complete album.
It is a hard goal to reach. None of the songs are full finished. This is a kind of songwriter-self-discipline. After this month it is time to see what actually came out of this. 

First of all: I didn´t reach the goal this year. Due to moneywork and research tour to Germany. (see another post) 

What I do like about fawm is that you push yourself to make new music material. This is not a competition, but very hard self discipline. - And there´s big posibilities to get in contact with other musicians to collaborate. I didn´t even think or actually care about this, until it actually happened this year! Casee Wilson from York U.K. actually wrote lyrics and sing  "In the rain." I was so amazed! Definitely this is gonna be a song on my next Elrox album. Have to fix some practical things…

What I do like for myself is that I don´t have to think conceptual. Each song is made there and then. No matter which genre it is. Just what I feel to do, right now. Not everything is good, I have to admit. But the same as last time: Some songs are album material. Even if I made only 11 songs I think at least 4 or 5 songs are future album material. Fixed, mixed and mastered later this year. 

I also enjoyed writing lyrics in norwegian on my last song. This became a duet with Helene Fjell we did the last days. 

Next year I will do this again. But I will be certain that february schedule is empty. Only concentrated focus. 

All my songs here: http://fawm.org/fawmers/engebretsen (will be deleted after a while.)

Comments on this years song:

1. Intro: 
@timfatchen  4 weeks

Liked the major/minor duality through this, and the solo themes coming in at around 1:00 were magic. And an effective ending, no wimpy fades. Hooray!

Really enjoyed this one! so much electropop/rock ends up uninventive, tedious, harmonically boring. Not this one!

@orbh 4 weeks
Sweet pads and nice bass lines. A good start for the FAWM for sure. It's always nice to hear guitar and guitaresque sounds in a mostly electronic songs. Cheers!
@shortdan  3 weeks
This is very cool! That guitar sounds amazing. Some very cool synth work in action here. Excellent 
@the3queens  1 week
Am I hearing a tongue click? Some very interesting sounds interspersed in here.

2. Calling:
@meadows  4 weeks

Really cool song, with a good vibe. Well crafted as well. I like it very much!

@kristian  4 weeks

cool! Love the vibe in this... especially the bass and the lovely arp! If you need vocals, post in the collab section in the forums 
@owl  3 weeks

Lovely song, I'd be willing to give lyrics/vox a shot if you're still interested!
3. A hero:

@tiller2  4 weeks

Great piece. In listening to that stately melody, I wanted to suggest it be brought to a pinnacle by having big bells, of some sort, carry the melody line. Then I did hear bells, I think, near the very end. Try it even earlier.
@headfirstonly  2 weeks

A really interesting combination of electro beats and prog-style guitar. Reminds me of 90s Jean-Michel Jarre, it's got that anthemic feel to it. I might put a bit more compression on the guitar to even out the levels (it sounds like it's a bit up and down at times), but I like the use of reverb to fade it off into the background at the end. Very cool!
4. 109

@gman 4 weeks

Good beat, full sound, nice chord progression, I like how you added to it as the song went along. Nice job!
@rj1 3 days

I'm with @gman the chord progression really caught my attention, and then the builds, nice job on the drums and percussion.
5. Still walking: 
@imustbenuts 4 weeks

Nice laid back track; thanks for sharing!

@frankfriend  4 weeks

i dig it. Has a Pink Floyd feel. Division Bell-ish.

@philipstorry 6 days

Really nice layering - it builds very well, but is never too busy. I like the little changes in the middle, but they don't feel jarring because you've kept some continuity with the guitar. Nicely done.

An excellent piece. Thanks for this! 
6. In the rain feat Casee Wilson:
@rosieposy8  4 weeks

This was lovely and atmospheric. Really enjoyed. Felt like a faithless track.
@jibbidy34  4 weeks

Yeah... chilled out relaxing slick professional ambient well produced good length soundtrack...the list could go on. Nice one 

@arthurrossi 4 weeks

I second the previous two comments... A very relaxing and well-produced track, very enjoyable!
@the3queens  1 week

Nice collaboration. Good to hear lyrics set to this music.
@philipstorry 6 days

Nice chillout music - a superb collaboration. I can really see this being used in a film or TV show. Excellent work!
7. And then I hear:

@zebraphone 2 weeks

mmmmmmmm, verrrry nice sounds you have chosen...... would work so good for a soundtrack, i was imagining a video game exploring a sort of easy-going space themed level. your use of different synths and sounds in this is quite subtle and they blend together really well. i can't imagine any lyrics to this, but maybe someone else can. enjoyed it!

@kahlo2013  2 weeks

Really fantastic! It creates a wonderful ambiance with the different layers and threads you weave together. Really well done!
@arthurrossi 2 weeks

This is beautiful... It has really an awesome "atmospheric feel" to it... One could imagine vast landscapes with some green hills and a blue sky when listening to it...

@j3jeffmason5 3 days

What a cool souding piece of music
8. Developed:

@corvisier 2 weeks

Cool, back with Edgar Froese 

@erikcameron 2 weeks

Awesome. Conjuring fond memories of The Orb.
9. Art of noise:
@leighbeater 2 weeks

great energy
@timfatchen  2 weeks

OK! What I said before! Inventive, interesting, no boredom, melody, harmony, enthusiastic beats, what's not to like? There sounds to be a folk influence in the background, was that intentional? or inevitably Norwegian? Or just me. And I;ve done something rare, for me, downloaded this electronica!
@headfirstonly  2 weeks

"Big"? You aren't kidding! *Huge* sound, absolutely huge.

Production-wise it's like the eighties have come back to show us how we should be doing things. There's everything including the kitchen sink in this, but it all fits together beautifully. Mightily impressed. Downloaded.

@marvsmooth  2 weeks

OH MY GOD!!!!!!! That's amazing!!!! *insert open mouthed smiley*
10. Make me feel:
@caseewilson  2 weeks

I wish my electronica came out sounding like this… one of the reasons I hardly write any for FAWM is that I just haven't got the time for the production that's needed… this is superb. So full and textured… I watchlisted you after "In the Rain" so I plan to get through your whole list.
11. En hilsen over havet feat: Helene Fjell
@tageule 1 week

Wow, this is so beautiful! Your soft voices go so well together. I don't understand but a few words, but together with the short description what the lyrics are about, it's enough to get the gist... Now I'm going to listen once again...
@corvisier 1 week

good song and nice voices 
@the3queens  1 week

Really love this! The duet and whispering very interesting. Soundtrack superb.