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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Complete music report winter 2013

Here at last, my fully report from my music making this winter. (As followers allready know:) I´ve spend much time in february at my friends cottage, called ”Stjernelaget.” During these days here and at home I was joined the homesite fawm.org. The idea is to make 14 songs in one month. A complete album. Maybe the future cover... This is about disciplin. To actually have a goal to hit. Focus and concentration. Doing what I want to do: Make music. Keep all the other distractions away. And I did it. First of all 28 days is to little for an album. Therefore I did not a proper mix. Neither do I get the songs mastered. But to compose and do music ideas upfront, I think I did a pretty good job. I started allready in the mid. january so that was a kickstart. And I shure needed it. All the songs that came out from this, I can take further. It sounds good, something that the comments I got, also says. The studio I enjoyed doing this, with all my focus on music. Drummer player Per-Helge Berg was also visiting me several times during this period. We have started our own band, called ”The Bad Band.” Here we tried to figured out what we could do together. I´m not shure if we got the answer on that, but we had a great time during our rehearsals, and we both get better playing ”live.” Per-Helge Berg visiting me for rehearsals with our band: "The Bad Band." All the music I made you can listen to here at this link. Remember it is not complete finished, but I think you got the idea of where my music skills go. I am proud of playing all the stuff by myself. Only drum loops, which I think I handle with good care, is left. Really a giant leaf. And there shure is my own style on what I´m doing now. Proud of that. And keep in mind that I´m still young at this. 3 years or so now? I do think I got talent for this. At least I´m satisfied with what I am doing. Here is the report song by song: Memories: This was my kickstart from january. Didn´t now by then, but I wanted to do something more to Berlin school music. Tangerine dream. I tried to keep in mind that this was my profession during the whole project. @erikdidriksen This is stunningly beautiful. I love the contrast of the piano against the synthesizers, and the syncopated percussion sounds that come in and out. I love the sense of space you've created with this; it's such a chill listen. Great stuff! @kristian oooo very jarre-esque opening... the kinda of stuff I can listen to all day 

the piano was a surprise as I was expecting something more .. err.. synthy; but thats what it great about this song! it keeps you listening as it is always evolving and moving places... excellent! Right on: This was also from january. Not thinking style or so. The comments on this song is awesome: @pifie I feel I'm in an elevator in Czechoslovakia in the 90s, in a hotel where there's a gay fashion show. I'm one of the fashion designers, and I'm wearing a glittering dress. I have champagne in my hand even thou I don't like this particular one, but I smile nevertheless. The return of a king: Maybe the only one that doesn´t fit in. I was inspired by our rehearsals and wanted to make something prog-rock alike. Well it did, but it is the one song that not come together with all the other ones. Order in the House: My techno brain wanted this. Trying to reach the more melodic kind of it. Soon there. @megsongs House isn't normally my thing, but I actually kinda like this one... Like the synth sound you've used. Oslofjord in Winther: The view from "Stjernelaget" Also that who inspired me to the song: "Oslofjorden in Winther." Back to basic again. Watching out of the window with the perfect scenery of Oslofjorden. I kind of experimental tribute to where I was and what I did see. (picture) The view from this place, the ongoing project feeling, and the total loss of time in this. I loved it. Even if the song is maybe dark and experimental, I think the mood is here anyway. @vomvorton Really like that lead synth, it has a cool SID chip kind of sound to it, like Vangelis let loose on a commodore 64 
The percussion that comes in over the second half is really different. 
Enjoyed this a lot. The Norwegian Heritage: Just a winther picture I took in Vikersund during this period Playing Edvard Grieg, sort of, in the beginning. This I think a good friend of mind will do a lot better. That for the album, when I can finished it up. Even so I got this comment on the song: @wille When the drums come in, I forget what I'm doing and just listen. That's the exact moment when this goes from "good" to "really,really great". This has such understated power. I have to download this and learn from it. On the road again: Took up the tread from my first album. Yet to be released that also. I kind of Open road part 2. Dreamweaver: More to experimental stuff again. Still I think my focus on melodies makes this quite good. @donna You got me from those first piano notes. Lovely soundscape, with pretty melodies weaving through. It's like two voices: A relaxed conversation between a light one and a dark one. Then the tone intensifies a little. Well, that's how I hear it. Very, very easy listening. Joy: Techno head again. But allright. Not the best, nor the worst. The Colours of the Past Part 1 and 2: Now I got tuned in. This is me. This is the sound that I reach to get. This is my inside music. Part 2 is where I am. And I can express it. This is my favorite. And I also think in the future the title of the album… Aurora Borealis: And this is way beyond my league, and I did it! Tore Stabell Kulø is playing the piano. This one I started on, for about two years ago. Tore`s playing lifted it a lot. And I think he probably would do all the piano on all my songs when the album is about to be released. @capriciousangel wow...
so beautiful!
i've always wanted to see the northern lights for real 
but this is so evocative its like they're here in the room! Insomnia: I did write the text the very last day, and do the singing! Scary but fun. The first song with lyrics and vocal on. And this is a good one though. But I have to do the vocals later on. (bad microphon) And the last song about the eighties is also with vocal. I think we can forget all about that song…