Tape the sound

Friday, August 5, 2011

Some updates

Photo collage using pictures this summer from Steilene and Andreamosaic.

Time to say something about what`s going on.
This summer is too short. That`s for shure up here in north. Have we seen the sun? I´m not shure because I`ve forgot how it looks like... Only one weekend were the sun arrived this summer...

Ok. What`s up then:

I´m finishing up an EP called No-man. There are 7 individual parts in this music epos. I take my own music creativity, one step further. It is not quite finished yet, but soon I hope. More experimental, but a kind of seeing how my music expression gonna turn. For me it`s important. You find everything that is finished on my music home site here! Otherwise you find many tracks and on going works on my Soundcloud site here.
Some stats from soundcloud: Listeners are mostly from Norway, 49%. US 8%, Turkey 6%, Germany and UK 4%. Lately there are more and more listeners from Turkey, 20 % the last month. Over 2000 plays on Soundcloud.
I put "Nesodden suite" on pause so far. I will finish it up, but I will use time on this. Need some nature noises and so on and maybe Helene is gonna help me with that. She just bought some really cool equipment....
Still can`t afford to publish a physical CD, but I do many new good songs now....
Also I probably will do something on digital distribution later this fall. Also because of the next project I`m working on:

This is a compilation og Electronica music from Nesodden. I started the project and later this fall there gonna be results I hope.
You can see a lot more about Nes!o here. And I started this as a crowdfunding project with deadline september 22. So please donate! Really need all money we can get. See all details about it here: NES!O There you can see a video I`ve made about the project. Register and donate. Thank you!

Rock Fm show Zarepta is my own program each week. Every Tuesday 23-24 at fm 100.6 or "live" streamed at rockfm.no I put some of my programs at Mixcloud. Here you also find my "JAZZMAN" program. Only one so far, but more to come when I Listen to jazz music, and got something to make a webradioprogram of. Bloomix is another program you will find here. My electronica program. (2 of them are on soundcloud though.)

Work for Money
This fall I beginn my 3rd season at Ariel foto as a designer. 3 months with hard work and long days. That will save my ass this year. I`m working in Nesodden kommune otherwise, but not enough.

Still I can`t find a way of living in this. I`m looking more and more towards the possibility of exhibitions with my "Lyskrydder fra naturkilden" (Lightspice from the nature source) Still trying out this old Beier camera you can see a lot of pictures in my blog beneath.
I made and agency agreement with Helene. She is the new star. This is gonna be great. Next year I hope there will be lot`s of exhibitions with here pictures. I`m working on that.

A way of training or whatever. My "NY-Naivisme" is my own style and I relax when I do this. No ambitions what so ever.
I like my drawings, even if my mum said they are terrible!

Well, I think this is enough. (Passed 20 000 visiters on my blog this month!) You can follow me on twitter as I use twitter more like a diary, than my blog. Follow link at the top of this site.
Enjoy life everyone.