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Monday, July 18, 2011

Celebrities at Nordic Light Photo festival 2011

Joakim Strömholm. (His father was Christer Strömholm) We got buddies with Joakim during these days in Kristiansund. Helene Fjell was invited as a debutant, and she had her really break trough here. (The Norwegian magazin "Fotografi" has a big article about her now)

Hey! This is really Albert Watson. He was at Nordic Light. Don´t ever miss this arrangement.

Picture from the exclusive lunch!

The swedish photographer Bruno Ehrs.

This very intelligent fashion photographer Amedeo Turello, also got a really good sense of humour. Me like.

Chin Chin Wu and Jenny Lexander. China and Sweden.

Aage V. Skaaret

Helene Fjell with our host at the celebrity lunch in Kristiansund. (No it`s not Helene`s mother, but they shure look like the same family)

This years portrait photo of Leif Preus. Haha. I take picture of this fantastic man every year. He is the founder of Preus photomuseum in Horten. Everyone in Norway know who this friendly guy is.

From left: Helene Fjell, Vee Speers, Deborah Turbeville.
Best female photographers there is?! There will be an own blogpost on Helene Fjell later. Thanx for visit this site, and I hope you will return later.
Thx to Anne-Lise Flavik and Morten Krogvold for entusiasm and that they arrange Nordic Light.