Tape the sound

Monday, September 30, 2019

XUXU: Opus 1 - Release on Tape The Sound!

XUXU is a project born to the fact that I enjoy experimental music. Still there is some passages with ambient influence in here. This combination didn`t fit into my other project name, so here is another one: XUXU.
I actually hate myself a little bit for all this different names, but it seems right for me... And very complicated for all the listeners. But there are some differences in my project.
XUXU is pretty much born because of Unexplained sounds group. A community with Raffaele Pezzella as "headmaster." (Look it up! Recommended.) He has also mastered this album for me. Another artist from this community is Nicola Locci who made D.R.A.R.T. A little noise/ sound machine I use on this album.

Composed arranged performed produced mixed art photo and design by Tom Ståle Engebretsen
Mastered by SONOLOGYST
Using Omnisphere, Sparks drum machine and D.R.A.R.T. by Exagonal