Tape the sound

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Little late but here is the summary of FAWM 2017! (February album writing month)

First  of all, I didn´t got the time I wanted and needed. Lot of moneywork in february, so a bit amputated this year. But I don´t cry about that. Much more time to comment others work, and be a part of the community. This year was all time high. Lot´s of old friends and several new ones.

After all I did 8 great songs this year! I even write some of them with norwegian lyrics. And yes: I did sing a lot this time. My voice is getting somewhere now I think....

I am not sure if I should put out a story about all the songs...
Trying to do a summary instead. There were so many comments and feedback this year. To much for a blog.

#1Blue Waters  @arthurrossi
8 weeks
#2 Dream Catcher  @jezbel
8 weeks
#3Hvem skulle det vært?
7 weeks
#4Jimmy´s back in town  @arthurrossi
7 weeks
7 weeks
#6I don´t believe you
6 weeks
6 weeks
#8 Who Will  @negasi 

Here are the songs! And also some collabs this year! I think some of them would be something for the future to release. 
"Theresesgate"is allready something I know will be used.... Probably at a new ELROX album next year. Probably an album in norwegian....
"Who Will" should definitely be a single this year....

Thanks for all the comments I got this year! Allready looking forward to next year. February is really the month to compose new songs.