Tape the sound

Sunday, February 5, 2017

FAWM 2017: "Dream catcher"

Participating at Fawm.org again this year. (February album writing month) Can´t be so involved this year because of money work. But I will use a lot of my freetime, to create new songs. I like this concept. I am not into any genre, and are completely free. So this one you can listen here, is some minimalistic, dark ambient, teckno. I am satisfied with this. It got something.... Lyrics is written by fawm collaborator @jezbel. Enjoy.


The spoken voice makes me think of some obscure Lee Scratch Perry song, and I guess adding some short reverb/echoes could work great on them, enhancing the daunting feeling. The drum loop thats driving the whole track is awesome. Nice job!
@engebretsen  just now
Thx for comments on "Dream Catcher". Yes: I think you´re right about using reverb/echoes. Will see if I can do this after fawm this year.