Tape the sound

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Looking forward on 2015

More Music!

Is there at all any doubt? I have find my issue in life. I think there must be a meaning in this. Even if the record industry is totally change, I will keep on with this. Don´t know how, but my believe is strong.

So here are working releases for 2015:

1 new Elrox album.

I will keep on with this cosmic prog-ambient stuff. Allready got about 30 minutes of breathtaking cinematic, darker tracks.
But I will not rush this release. I think a video should follow it. So summer/autumn 2015 seems good.

Introducing Elrox Ambient Session.

In november 2014 I went to one of my several trip to Flatdal, Telemark, Norway. Putting up my studio at "Minnesjordet."
This time something happened... I was enjoying the real avant-garde dark ambient and started up an complete album. It is finished!!! 
But it is something very different from Elrox, so I had to made up a new name: Elrox Ambient Session!

The album was made out of a painting by good friend Freddy Holm. And his idea of the painting was based on the story of Kurt Vonnegut: Slaughterhouse 5. After reading the book I was so into of making a complete concept album out of this. The book is a about the second world war, and the bombing of Dresden. The main character in the book, Billy Pilgrim went to an outer space planet called "Tralfamadore" (that is why this is a cult book...) This is the part I made music about. 
I am so proud of this material, so I will send it to different record company`s in Europe and USA. It has to be a dark ambient/avantgarde company. So if you have some tips, I would be honored to here from you! I can send you files if you want to help me. 

(Covers are in working process. Painting to right is by Freddy Holm.)

Elrox Ambient Session.

After this, I decided to do a lot more conceptual ambient. The new idea is to make a dekalogi -10 EP´s-.
There is no time limit on this, and I will work with themes from science and nature. And the good 
EP #01 is ready!
6 track avantgarde/dark ambient named: "ICEBERG"
I will open a new account on bandcamp.com where I release this. Just in a few days..

So to everyone: Have a great year!