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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Looking back on 2014

This has been an amazing year! So many things that was finished up, and a very creative year.

Let´s start with the music: 2 albums released!  "Colour of the past" and "Lucent Echoes"

"Colour of the past" was mostly finished up in 2013 though... But I released in february at the cool place in Oslo called "Sound of Mu". Sorry to say that the place does not longer excist. But I was there amongst with prxm 30 good friends. I had used january to make some background projection to the show. That worked as version 1-0.

During last winter I was really in the mood of making more music. That was to become "Lucent echoes" Released in the summer. We also did an amazing video on one songs. You find it here . Frode Holstad was helping out with guitar on one track: Espresso. Great thanks to my producer on both album´s: Tore Stabell Kulø. He is the best!

Flatdal in Telemark is the place to be. I think I was there 3 times this year, only with music making. The last tour now in november is still not released.... So you know... I will soon tell what ´s going on. There is a kind of awareness in my music coming up...
The place I am living in Flatdal is "Minnesjordet."  Kai Fjell, a famous norwegian painter, created this place in his time, with old norwegian houses. So lucky me, to know the family well....

One of the family member in Fjell family is art photographer Helene Fjell. I finally finished up the video from the succesful exhibition at Nordic Light in Kristiansund. And she did my first official music-video with the song "Memories" from "Colour of the past".
I  also finished up a video of Nikki Sudden (1956-2006) I did shoot way back in 2005.

My music is not known in many places yet. (!) But I believe that take time. Anyway I was picked up by  a radiopodcast in Germany: Syndae.de  (Thx Stefan.) There is also something happening on Soundclick.com There occurred to be some interests here, but I really don`t know what this is.... But I got listed with several songs that I put here on ambient chart. All the way up to No 6 in chart with "Espresso"!!!

I also like doing DJ jobs, and for the first time I got listed with a cool, crazy funk set on Mixcloud.
Tom´s ton fonk. I did it purely for fun and it was listed as No 12 on Funky chart!!!!

So, 2014 was really a music year. Mostly I focused on my own music, but I also listen to a lot.
So here is the best albums of 2014:
Pink Floyd: The Endless River
Andrew Heath: The Silent Cartographer
Lumen Drones: Lumen Drones
Billy Idol: Kings & Queens of the underground

Honorable mentions;
Pjusk: Solstøv  and Tord Gustavsen Quartet: Extended Circle

I also have to mention artist/bands that I listen a lot to, in 2014:
Sphongle, Jerome Froese, Loom, The Peaking Goddess collective, Younger Brother, Banco De Gaia, William Orbit/Strange cargo, Solar Fields, Future Sound of London and Øresund Space Collective.

There was to little time in 2014 to cultivate in art. But I find time to get in love with the books of Jesper Waldersten an also inspiration by photographer Kim Keever. And of course the books of Storm Thorgerson and also his late Hipgnosis cover art books.

Well, that was a short summary of the great year 2014. And I do know that 2015 will be even better! So to all of you: Happy new year!