Tape the sound

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


YES! Official release of my new album: Lucent Echoes. You can get it where you buy and listen to music. iTunes, Spotify etc. Some notes from the album: The 3 first songs on this album I think is the most hit alert friendly: 37 Chill, Espresso (Reach no 6 at ambient chart on Soundclick.com) Oslo (a noisy tune, but cool) The more artistic stuff in chill/ambient coming up: Leisure, Night wish, Rem, Hypnotized, Skorvefjellet (Inspired by the mountains I can see from Flatdal) and the title track: Lucent echoes. The 2 last songs are teckno influenced: Burning planet and After midnight. Turn up loud!!! They are awesome! Been working on this album day and night since february. Most of the material is composed in Flatdal, Telemark, Norway. And as always my producer Tore Stabell Kulø make it sounds great in the mix. I was really trying to do this as an ambient/chill album. It´s there, with some hard stuff too. I couldn`t do this album without. I think I got my own sound on it, and I am inspired by Vangelis and Berlin school style. Other artists that I find inspiration with: William Orbit, Schiller, Michael Cretu and especially Jerome Froese. (Ex TD artist)His soloalbums I think is the most amazing albums ever! As always I am an arrangement nihilist, and Tore SK know where I want to go with that. I couldn´t have done this album without his help. Thx. I am proud to have reach this point after only 4 years in making music. I also know it would take time to reach my audience for my music. The music world is so big and fantastic, so I am patient. But I do hope within 3 to 5 years from now, something good will happen. (Earn some money on my music ??? perhaps...) I also know that my future records will be better and better. Because I learn. Because I will be a better musician. And because I finally find my meaning in life: Making music! About time. So join the journey and follow me for example at my facebook account. Hope you will enjoy "Lucent echoes". And please share!