Tape the sound

Monday, June 9, 2014

Hit alert: "Espresso" at no 11 on ambient chart!

Wow! This is cool. Today my song "Espresso" reached at No 11 on soundclick ambient chart! It reach No 38 in "all electronics". This song is made for my new album "Lucent Echoes" Working hard these days to do mix and mastering with producer Tore Stabell Kulø.

About "Espresso": A very chill uptempo tune with Frode Holstad on guitar. I think were gonna collaborate more in the future. He put some great guitars on "Espresso" last week. And now it is on the charts!  I have to finish up the album now, even if it is quite good weather outside. This album will be a summer album!  

Pictures of Frode takin at T-swing studio while recording.

Link to Soundclick also here.