Tape the sound

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

No 17 at ambient chart!

Yes it´s true. And even more: No 86 at electronica chart! (All electronic genres)
This was I milestone for me. All this happens on Soundclick.com

It is my not released yet, ambient project: Lucent Echoes.

I should have told about this earlier, but some secrets I like to keep before they are realized. Lucent Echoes is a such one. I been working on material for this project since new year. All besides new stuff to Elrox. I was trying out some stuff on soundclick and: KABOOOM! At charge!!! How cool is that?

So I will try to finish up Lucent Echoes album before summer. Going to my favorite spot in Flatdal next week. Bring my music studio with me.

Follow me on twitter, and I let you know what´s up then.

Meanwhile I think you should listen to my ambient hit here:

The song track is named: "37 chill"

Here the interview from the site:

Working on my first ambient/chill album. To be released this summer I hope. (2014)
Why this name?
It was the words. I like Lucent and its meaning. We dont have an explanation for it in Norway, where i come from. Echoes is mostly because of the sound i am doing sort of... And of course Pink Floyd album title. Together the words are perfect.
Do you play live?
Don´t played live yet. But working on it. I really like to transform my music to stage.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It does. Nothing is the same as I was used too. (Remember I have lived and experienced the 80`s)
Record companys, stores everything. I do not like it, but it is the future. And I am on it.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes of course. There are something about knowledge and contacts that still is important.
Band History:
Lucent Echoes is actually a project beside my artist name Elrox. I didn´t make music before 2010 at all. I was a listener. And buyer. Still am. Lucent Echoes was the way I wanted it to be from the beginning back then. But so much to learn. So much to understand. Getting there now.
Your influences?
what a question. With my background it is everything from Yes, Alan Parsons (project) to Berlin school/chill/ambient. But also House, Trip Hop etc.
Favorite spot?
Still don`t been to USA, so I think it must be there somewhere....
Equipment used:
Using Mac with software as Omnisphere etc. Also like to play on my Epiphone guitar.
Anything else...?
Follow my story from now. This is just the beginning.