Tape the sound

Monday, April 28, 2014

Music, music, music

It´s all about music. The last 6 months I´ve been working on new material. Problem is to be true to a specific genre. But Elrox locomotive is going on. Here is some pictures from a session we did last week. Jonas Lange from the band "Skoklefall Kartell" playing awesome guitar on a new track. Track name is "Bad Loser". The other picture is from my producer Tore Stabell Kulø. Always there when it happens. We where at my home-studio to do this.

In a few weeks I probably go to my favorite composer place in Flatdal, Telemark. Looking forward to this. I also can now announce that the first album to be finished is more of an ambient, chill type. Since it sounds different from other stuff I made, I have found a new name from this project: "Lucent Echoes".
You can actually find some of the songs, unmixed, umastered here at this link. I will do my best to finish this up before july.

Even thinking about lot more music videos. The spring is so fantastic outside.
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