Tape the sound

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Autumn report

Long time no see... I have been doing some hard money-working. 9 weeks with no freetime to do my own stuff. And there is 1 more week or so, to go with this. No social activity. No music. No photo. But this payment help me going. And I am so looking forward for the next months, where I am back on track with my own doings. First of all I will start up my own record company. "Neso!" project to be released before christmas.(You can read about it elsewhere on this blog) Beetween 5-18 of november that will be my full time project. And finally I will release my first official CD. This had take too long time. I think a good time for this is soon after new year. Helene Fjell had make a music video on my track called "Skogen" I will announce this later. I havent had time for anything this fall. One trip to Flatdal, was a necessary break. To see all the fantastic colours in the nature. (Picture right). And the only music thing in all this weeks are from yesterday. Tore Stabell playing piano tracks on my new forthcoming song. (Picture left) This is really professional and good, with a marvelous mood.... (Teaser hehe) So there will happen a lot the nexth months, and I will post about it. But first I had to finish up the work that I´m into now. But many good things to look forward too. I have posted some of my songs to a "music competition" at NRK, where they need music for a "slow tv" program called "Nordlandsbanen". This will be broadcastet sometimes around new year, and my music really fits into this. I hope they agree, and find my music good enough for this. It´s kind of scary to put this on my blog. Maybe they don´t like my music at all. But anyway this is an opportunity to reach out here in Norway. My CD will be released no matter what. And I hope Anton Jawdokimow, my mixer and producer have some time near christmas to put his ears and fingers on some of my new material. So the next months will be more of a business strategy and finishing up projects. And more updates on blog of course, when thing is going to happened again.