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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

No-Man music and story

You can listen to the album at the end of this post
No-Man is a concept EP album that I have spend this year to make. (Among other stuff of course)
The music in No-Man is dark and experimental. Kind of electro rock pieces. It was a must for me to make this album. Pushing my musical skills a bit further. Away from to many fixed loops. Better trying to make and play them. Be a better musician myself. Remember it only 3 years since I started in the Garage band program. 2 years now in Logic, and it`s from here I really find this amazing.

No-Man is not necessary what my music is gonna be like, in the future. But I really had intentions and ambition in making this. To be better in all parts of music. Composing, arranging and the terrifying thing call mix. Still a lot to learn. It took time. Ive been fixing and rearranged songs all the time. To make it sounds better. To find out what to do.

No-Man is not an easy listening album. Many changes. Many different sounds. It is now a complete and fullfilled album that I´m proud of. (And it took lot of my energy, and at one moment I really think I should give it up.) The learning process was hard. An amateur, who want´s to sound profesional. This is what I can do to today. And I´m satisfied. Pushed myself to quality with some jazz influences in some parts.
I think No-Man is something you have to listen to more than once. It´s getting better as you know what`s coming up in this 7 tracks.

Even if it is instrumental, it is a story and idea behind it;

The name No-Man first appeared in my mind in a sort of tribute to the band No-man. Steven Wilson (also Porcupine tree) and Tim Bowness music is something that really inspired me. They´re music is great to listen to, and get my creative sense open.
My No-man parts is about beiing invisible as a man. A no man.

Here´s the story behind all parts:

No-Man part 1

It began with a photo idea of people on borders. Not in flesh and blood. But as a poster, sign, graphics and so on. I was working on this music piece at the same time, and really had no idea about any directions. But the photo idea get it started.
And from that point, I decided to make a whole music story about a man beiing invisible.
As Matisse probably would say; This is not a man. This is a picture of something that look like a man.
Part 1 turned out to be a melodic sequence. I had to make loops by playing myself a lot more than earlier songs. Scary, but necessary to keep my interest for making music. I had to push my own limits.
In the middle of part 1 you can here some joyful noices. This is actually random punshing at my midi keyboard with some strange noices coming out. I never did try that again. First recording, has to be that.

No-Man part 2

This is about men in a construction place. Who are they? All this men in uniforms… Looking like aunts on a building place…
They are not individuals. They are a bunch of crowded people doing they`re work. And it ends up in a new building, rising up to the sky. Seldom it´s pretty. And there´s not one persons work. This is many constructors behind.
I´ve been watching such a building growing up from my home: ”Tangen center” just outside my window.

No-Man part 3

Actually it was a part of my ”Nesodden suite” (Working process) But I couldn`t find out, nor had an idea about where it fits in. But since the No-Man idea came up, it was clear.
I rearranged the hole song. Questions about what to be? Where to go? Sometimes you find some answers. Sometimes not. This is the part to illustrate a progress with feeling of drifting. It happens when it ment to be. A psychic way to put things around. And around again. It cut`s. It hurts. Nothing is for sure. But a road to walk with no horizon.

No-Man part 4

And this part is somewhere on that road. The walk you take. Not knowing where to put your feet. Just one step in front of the another. Never looking up. A spirit to believe there has to be something in the end. But you don`t know what it is. Just walking. Looking down.

No-Man part 5

From the quiet part 4, something happens in part 5. Fast and violet. A dance to life, where your feet is to tired to dance. But you try. Try to put your head up. What to celebrate? Is there something to it? Something about life? You wan`t to see clearly. But there`s bugs here. But it`s there. It has to be something there.

No-Man part 6

Amongst friends you find a life. This is the warmest piece in No-Man story. A place to feel identity. And the music is the quiest one in this part. A reflection. A latino guitar, brings joy. Warm days. Friendly nights. (See also a video made by Helene Fjell on my blog. This is actually our friends)

No-Man part 7

The great final. Did you find some answers? This part is inspired by some Pink Floyd-ish music. Still there is lot of searching to find an identity. But No-Man seems to come together. Not invisible anymore. But there`s is still questions to ask. What is life? What is happiness? Could it be drug? Could it be alcohol? Is there a way of living?
Maybe there is no way into life. But again; What is life? Are you invisible?

The end.

This was the story of No-Man. But is it true? Do you have a good story to the music? Write it. A story is only a story. But we need them.

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