Tape the sound

Thursday, March 1, 2018

My FAWM 2018

This years FAWM (february album writing month) was quite good for me.I actually did the goal about 14 songs this year. And I also did a lot of comments this year. Actually I get the "poster" for "Tripletime Trooper" (Over 300 comments) so it has been good activity from me this year. 
Many new collaborators also! Many new people to know this year on this community. And of course: Many new good songs. This is the only month in year I do sing, so I must admit I am alway a little rusty when I start at fawm. But this is a songwriter month, and IF I am gonna use some of these vocal songs, I will do my rehearsal first. I am much more comfortable with my instrumental songs. Like "Three of Wands". 
Thanks a lot to all my old and new partners these year, and also thanks to Helene Fjell for doing choir on one of these songs…
All songs are available pxm one year from now, before they are deleted.