Tape the sound

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Studio gear

I must admit that I am a software synth guy. I don´t know if this post is interesting, but I tell you anyway!  It was the software synth that actually made me start doing music. Finally there was something I could do. History goes back to 2010-2011. That was my start on making music. I still have to thank Anton Jawdokimov for learning me a lot about the mix and process in making music. Later, Tore Stabell Kulø became my mentor. Things has evolved quickly because of him.
So even if I have tried live gig, I think I prefer to be a "studio-rat" a little bit longer. I am simply not ready yet for performance in front of audience. I am not afraid of it, but I have to be better as musician myself. Doing all the things on my computer is what I still prefer. Using a M-audio keystation 61 midi keyboard, and also got a Yamaha p-35. I also got a cheap guitar and a bass guitar.
I use Logic pro 9. (Don´t take the chance to upgrade it... I also got a Korg Wavedrum I love to use, but somehow I don´t use it, at my music. Have to do something about that...)

 I got software synth: Omnisphere (The heart of all things I do) But also full package from Arturia.
(With all the lovely sounds from Würlitzer, Vox, Oberheim Etc)
Including a hardware drum machine from Sparks. Using it more and more... Also got the Stylus RMX drum software synth. Most used on my music. Up to now I was satisfied with this. But I have to extend my interests in instruments. It comes naturally. So this christmas I bought myself a Blofeld synth. (Picture) I have tried other solutions before, but could not quite understand the use. So my Korg moog 20 was sold again. But my new Blofeld has the sounds and things I really think I could handle. So 2017 is maybe the year I start to think about LIVE. Just think...