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Monday, March 7, 2016

February album writing month! Fawm 2016

Every year (for the 3rd time) I am into a community at fawm.org. The goal is to write 14 songs during this month. Mix and edit later… I did not reach 14 songs this year. Even if I had time to be part of this, I got 11 songs this year. But major time was used to actually sing! Yes! I did that. Unexperienced, but lot´s of fun! Nevertheless, I don´t think I should sing for my upcoming album. Not everything I do, during this month is gonna be used. But I think at least 3 songs will hit the floor…

Time to move to the great mixes and production in march. Some comments under the picture, left on my soundboard…

NO 1: OPEN CALL (Deep trash teckno-ish)
@subaetha  4 weeks
Here we go! Thundering drums, great synth textures! What's not to like about this?
@kristian  4 weeks
cool! The production is great and those DRUMS! so crispy...

Favourite bit is that 303'ish bassline you got going on; damn that is groovy... excellent!
@psyclepath 3 weeks
It's pretty epic. Gonna download this one when I get home. The user below me has said everything that's great here.

@kristi  2 weeks
I could hear this in an action film or thriller type movie! Very cool sounds

NO 2: ACTION AND REACTION (Even harder trippy song, and lots of "volume" in it)
@sailingmagpie  4 weeks
I liked the contrast between the heavy, oppressive beats and the high pitched melodic part (glockenspiel with effects?). You should add fawmtronica to the tags.
@subaetha  4 weeks
Excellent, excellent. I have to agree with @sailingmagpie on this - the contrasts are just jaw dropping wonderful. Keep up the good work!
@kristian  4 weeks
you're on fire this FAWM Love the beat in this... lots of great variation and awesome sounds.. plays very nice with the bassline! Let me know when your album comes out!
@bithprod  4 weeks
Nice mix and great blend of sounds. Trip hop indeed. I don't think this even needs lyrics/vocals!
@tesla3090  3 weeks
Really like this. It really gets across a menacing, machine like feeling.

NO 3: PERSECUTION (For a scene in a future film…perhaps)
@pipewrench67  4 weeks
Reminds of some of the 80's Tangerine Dream soundtracks, then the phased electric piano comes in and it's something else.
@subaetha  4 weeks
This sounds massive in my headphones. I could easily trip on this all day.
@kristian  4 weeks
trippy... love that choir! and killer reverb in this…. 
@richh  4 weeks
Very dramatic, could imagine it in a Bond / Jason Bourne type movie
@theawkwardsleep 3 weeks
Ooohhhh. Can totally see this is a James Bond film soundtrack. I really like this! Builds a vibe nicely. Love the bouncing arps autopanned. Great stuff!
NO 4: THE SONG OF FREEDOM (All time high! Lyrics by Arthur Rossi. I made it at the end, with vocal. Looking for an artist to sing this on album..)
@kristian  2 weeks
holy moly this is excellent! love the lyrics and that sick beat.... well worth the wait; I can totally see why you are excited about this one! this is something to be mighty proud of gents, congratulations to you both!
@daveed  1 week
Great production. Top notch stuff here. One of @arthurrossi best lyrics.
@beat 6 days
bouth suit each other very well
fantastic track

NO 5: MIKE FROM SPACE ( First vocal delivered on my own very easy lyrics)
@corvisier 3 weeks
about the vocal ? for me it's OK !!
@kristian  3 weeks
ooo love the sound of the drums. and those arps sound excellent in my headphones! I got a David Bowie vibe from this... like a sequal to Major Tom... the vocals aren't something to be ashamed of at all; I wish I could sing this good!

A very professional sound; nicely done fellow viking!

@tesla3090  3 weeks

Yeah, the vocals sound fine. Definitely has a trippy, space vibe. Good stuff! Love that delayed, string/keys sound (whatever it is) and the drums are understated but really add some great rhythmic interest.
@hanley  3 weeks
great variety of sounds in here, and a very spacey scene painted.
The vocals are great, I'd be happy with this one!
What kind of synth/keyboard do you use? Sounds great!!
@seantwright 1 week
Cosmic!!!!! Loving the vibe.

NO 6: WHAT COMES OUT OF THIS? (Collab waiting on it from fearlessflight. ALBUM! Trip-hop.
@kristian  3 weeks
instant Massive Attack ish vibe. Again, those DRUMS.. sound so crispy! Love the reverb alot in this one.. very lush. Yeah, this one needs vocals for realz.. did you try the forums?
Hey, I'll give it a go! I love writing lyrics and I can sing okay too!! I really like the melody you hint at earlier in the piece.
@cindyrella  3 weeks
I am thinking how cool this would be in a movie! I am thinking underground tunnels and fear. Impressive!
NO 7: LOOKING FORWARD ( Collab with Jean-Marc @corvisier on Guitar. Nice tune, chill. Maybe album?
@corvisier 2 weeks
My first French-Norvegian collaboration !
Thank you Tom for your proposition.
Don't you know it was not easy for me at the start !
You've done a good job, I like it, all those synthesizers around the guitars !

NO 8: GIVE ME A REASON ( Another vocal stuff by me.. Maybe good enough?)
@fuzzy  2 weeks
Ooh, I loved this right from the first second!
Great headphone mix.
I like your vocals; the harshness contrasts well with the Kraftwerk-like music.
You know, lyrics don't always have to make sense as long as they fit with the song (just think of Jon Anderson's lyrics for Yes - what the heck do they mean? Not even Jon Anderson knows...)
Your accent and vocal style remind me of mid-1970s Krautrock, which is a good thing.
Yeah, I really like this. Great job!
@rj1 2 weeks
What did you use to make the ethereal sounding track? NICE! REally like how you deliver the vocals on this, almost with a soft faint touch to it. And really liked the chorus by the way.

@alphanerg 2 weeks
You say you don't do vocals normally, but they sound good! Nice layered vocals on the "tell me a lie" part. Great track!

@elliottlawrence 1 week
I'm really liking this! I'm definitely getting Genesis vibes here. I love how dark and prog it sounds. Very cool stuff, and your voice sounds very unique and complements the production nicely. Great work with this one!

Also, thanks for stopping by and listening to my stuff 
@tesla3090  1 week
Whoa, that synth in the opening is great. The vocals have a really raw, emotional feel to them. Some seriously good mixing, and arrangement work here as well.
@daveed  1 week
Reminds me of those great Miami Vice soundtracks. Love this. Great job!
@beat 6 days
...this calls for repay
luv tat midnight express sound on this one

NO 9: ANOTHER BLUE DAY (Catchy POP, Lyrics by @benjo)
@ajna1960  2 weeks
An interesting soundscape, but one that fits the words perfectly. Very evocative, and builds nicely.
@julesbf 2 weeks
Nice atmospheric arrangement with some nice percussion pushing along in the background. Catchy chorus. Great lyric from Tony again and you dealt with it very well. Good collab both
@brrrse  2 weeks
I really really really like this. Great Production! Very Peter Gabriel feel to it Nice job to both of you! Thank you!
@sheamiejay  2 weeks
NIce work. Love the guitar with volume swells. Great lyrics @benjo)

NO 10: BLANKET OF STONE (WOW! I say it myself... Lyrics by @benjo. )
Wow! Such a different take to mine, but so eerie and spacious and matches the lyric beautifully. @benjo - you already know how much I like this lyric. 
@karlsburg25  1 week
Why have you not sung before? this is great. The production is immense but your vocals are the highlight and suit the lyrics a treat. You have a voice of feeling and emotion and it works a treat here
@owl  1 week
Dark lyrics @benjo! I really like the off-kilter details in the first verse and the "blanket of stone" hook. @engebretsen Love the vocal melody on "another day..." The production has a nice mysterious feel overall, I feel like I should be watching a music video with a lot of bonfires in it.
@beat 6 days
another one befor i'm through
don't like this situation
let me know if there's anything on itunes from you tom.
very much enjoy it round here.
edit: sorry benjo, i of coz like your work to!

NO 11: DANCE WITH ME ( If I ever use this, Abba will sue me. Lyrics by Arthur Rossi) 
@inciteful  1 week
Fun, love that vocal/synthesizer chorus sound. Love how you sing like a European! It does have an echo of that Abba sound but I think you are safe from Bjorn and Benny. Great job!
@axl  1 week
Ha, I think they would rather want to buy this from you instead of suing. What a lovely little pop pearl!
@andygetch  1 week
Catchy tune travels another layer and a fresh view of love and dance. Fun tight unison harmonies.
@johnhudome  1 week
I like the juxtaposition of the Citro music and the crunchy vocal.
@the3queens  1 week
I think if you had the female vocals I'd definitely hear ABBA. Nice dance tune and Arthur's lyrics fit so well.
@karlsburg25  1 week
Yeah dance baby!!! And they'd struggle with suing you for this one. It sounds very individual to me. This got me dancing my ass off. Top stuff
@daveed  1 week
Catchy as hell. Extremely well done!

@seantwright 1 week

I think it is possible to hear the songs here: http://fawm.org/fawmers/engebretsen/
At least until next year.
THX for all the new collab partners on this years fawm.