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Monday, October 19, 2015

Elrox Ambient Session: Tralfamadore

Mike G from ambientmusicguide.com says: "Fantastic release. Melodic, original, subtle with a polish that only an experienced musician can bring to his art. On my best album of 2015 list."
Favorite track: "The Flying saucer"

Need I say more? One of the biggest ambient sites give me this? THX!

Here it is:

And more things to come…. I got it on cassette and CD. First album on my new label: TAPE THE SOUND!  Will be more to come later, about this.
But look at this beauty:

And the CD´s:

And the story and credits:

Welcome to a journey to Tralfamadore. Tralfamadore is the name of a planet in Kurt Vonnegut`s book: "Slaughterhouse 5". Vonnegut released this novel in 1969 based on his experience from the world war 2. The main character in the book, Billy Pilgrim, is picked up by a UFO. This source can be interpreted in several ways. That´s why this is a cult-book. It´s this part of the book that Elrox made music too.


released August 20, 2015

All music composed and performed by Elrox.
Mixed and produced by Elrox and Kulø.
Mastered by Tore Stabell Kulø
Artwork by Freddy Holm

Thx to: Bamse, Sindre, Gro, Helene, Ole, Tom, Greta and Freddy.


Go to bandcamp and listen to it. It will be digital on Spotify, Wimp, iTunes etc probably in december 2015.
Thx to you who already supported me.

And here is the video!!!

Tom S. Engebretsen/Elrox ambient session