Tape the sound

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Music update report july 15

Not sleeping at all! The last 6 months I´ve been working so hard to full-finished my music. So: New Elrox album to be released in september. BUT: Before that I`ve done so much extras. I am happy to announced an ambient album: Tralfamadore.  This is based on Kurt Vonnegut´s novel "Slaughterhouse 5". To do this release, I start up a new label called "Tape the sound".  More about this later. First of all I am so thankful to Freddy Holm (freddyholm.com) who made all the cover arts. And he also inspired me, with his pictures, to do this album. If everything goes as planned the release is set to 14th. august 2015.

(Cover for Tralfamadore on CD wallets)

(Freddy Holm and me. Photo: Helene Fjell)