Tape the sound

Thursday, January 29, 2015

EAS: Iceberg EP Story

Autumn 2014 in Flatdal (Telemark, Norway) I really discover how to make ambient music. For the first time in life I was enjoying to wake up early in the morning! True. Started up doing ambient stuff. The quiet morning, and the nature as inspiration. When I got home I kept on doing ambient stuff. Then I came up with the idea to make a dekalogi. That means 10 EP´s with ambient stuff. Thatwill take some time I think. I have no idea what this is gonna be like. And how long it will take. The only thing I decided was theme within nature and science. The first one is "Iceberg". You will find finished EP in the post below this and here. I can also use my photo skills into cover design. That´s the idea then. I also want to make a limited editions on CD´s. When I got 10 out of this, I will probably make an exclusive box set. Meanwhile I will search for theme´s and make the avant-garde ambient art music, when the mood is right. Since this is named under Elrox ambient session, (EAS) there also maybe gonna be some albums beside of this. I allready got a masterpiece finished named "Tralfamadore". During the next months I will try to get a record company deal on this one in particular. And then we see what´s happen.. Elrox is still my artist name though. New album planned to be released this year. Enjoy the music.