Tape the sound

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Update music report nov. 2014

Some update report: After 3 months of moneywork I could finally do what I like best: Making music. I have been on my favourite spot located in Flatdal, Telemark, Norway. For one week, I've done my best things ever! No kiddin'. I am also into some real ambient stuff. That's a bonus. So I needed to sort things out. I did work on new Elrox material. Think I know how thats gonna sounds like... Probably simpler and darker. Teckno stuff still way ahead, but sounds better now. But I think I have way to go yet on this. But it is going somewhere now. But what I really am proud of, is my ambient/art music from this tour. I got an full album ready with this, and it is quiet, deep, space, art and ambient. So somewhere early next year I am gonna release this. But I would probably use another name than Elrox for this project.