Tape the sound

Saturday, August 9, 2014

From the making of "Espresso" music video

Some fantastic pictures taken by Helene Fjell when we do a zero budget music video to my song "Espresso" on "Lucent Echoes".  Here are 10 fun fact about the video:

1) I am afraid of swimming in the water. 2) It took about 12 minutes to bike down to Aker Brygge 3) The budget was zero 4) Producer Tore SK appears on one shoot. 5) Frode H. is the only one who playes guitar on Espresso 6) We used Canon Mark 5D and Gopro for the video. 7) Mom and dad was at the beach with food and coffee. 8) Location was Lagunen at Nesodden 9) In the beginning of the video I am waving goodbye to my girlfriend 10) Forward and selfie-backward on bike is shoot on 2 different days, going to work.