Tape the sound

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Some updates

Hi folks.
My blog is sleepy these days. Doing a lot of moneywork until november. But then: creative tempo again. The summer that is behind us, I was doing a lot of writing. Even some cool photographs. This will be a fanzine in november. The working title is "Blå" (Blue) A mix of short text and new picture`s. I haven´t done a real poems book since -94 so it´s about time again.

But most important is my music!  I have enough material for 2 albums. Yes. Since nothing of what I have done is proper released, I will do exactly that. That means also that everything you can listen to so far, will be deleted. Yes. Last chance this autumn to listen to ALL my music on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and so on. Anton Jawdokimov will help me in november to put the first thing´s right. This is about the album that I (so far) have called "Tales without words" I maybe change the title, but all that in november. This will be my first official release, anyhow. Before christmas.

The next album project, is bigger. (As I get better) I got really good help from Tore Stabell Kulø to play piano on my songs, and a lot moore goodies... Time in november, to finish up this album. Thinking of release in february 2014. Some video´s to my music is also planned. Helene Fjell, did some awesome shoot´s with me this summer...

So I have been working, but not been visible. I think the best time is to come. This winter will be awesome! Keep following.