Tape the sound

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Music Making :Fawm in february

Hello again to all fans. (hehe) If there is any then... Anyway I do a lot of music now in february. I participate on fawm.org The idea is to make an album during february. 14 songs in 28 days. Well, I´m good into it already. 4 songs at this point. I think it is to fast to make a complete album. Can´t do the the best in the mix. And surtenly not mastered the songs. So this is a challenge. But making melodies and arrangements is cool though.
I spend my time at a friends cottage here at Nesodden, "Stjernelaget." Taking care of a cat. ++ I have rigged up my studio here, and have a beautiful view over Oslofjorden. It´s really a nice and creative place. After over 7 months with cash works, I can do this right now. And this really is life!
(Helene Fjell took this picyures.) I get sometimes visit from a friend, Per-Helge Berg, and we play together. We call ourselves for "The Bad Band." Even got our own facebook page... Here we do rehearsals and try to find out if there´s anything we possible can do together. So far so good. But most of my time now is making new material. And shure you can listen to it. Follow me now and then during this month here.