Tape the sound

Friday, August 10, 2012

What`s up then….

Rain. Rain. Rain. This summer is wet, wet, wet. I miss the sunshine and the heat. Besides of that, my creativity is on top. A few weeks ago, I bought myself an Iphone. Because of the cools apps. It did refresh my photo shooting again. I was hoping for it, and it did. So I started up an august project.
One picture, and one poem each day. You can follow the project on a new blog that I started for this: www.picapoem.wordpress.com (The poems is in norwegian.) The heart of all my doings is right here on this blog though.
The workshop we went to, earlier this summer in the Pyrenees, was a kick off for me. I do a lot more text now, and it`s fun. I been working a lot this summer, to make money. And september and october is really gonna be hard on that. It takes my time, but I need it, and enjoy it. About my music then: This takes most of my free time anyway. It is a little bit sad, that all my hours, days and weeks don`t appears so much on my blog. There is also lot`s of tracks on my computer, that I keep for myself, so far. But I am working for a release in Januray 2013. I must also finish up the Neso! compilation this fall. -1st. priority! More about everything, to come. Soon we go to Flatdal again. A few days of holiday, and I will finish up a big drawing, that I started up last year. Looking forward to this. Enjoy life.