Tape the sound

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

5 years anniversary today!

It´s 5 years today, since I started this blog. Hey; Celebration time. (You can see the ”Napoleonskake” on my jubilee picture!)
So what´s up then…
Several things going on, but not so much for the blog these days.
A lot about music. Several mixes, and also stuff that I made.
I haven´t been taking many photographs the last year. But it will come.

So what´s going on then?

I have made some goals to do this year:
First of all I´m going to make a fanzine, a small book, with text, performances, pictures and so on. My deadline for this is this summer. I will put a lot of energy in this. And new pictues for shure. But I will also write some poems and different kind of text. Many ideas, and looking forward to spring.
I will also make 4 songs in the ambient genre, that will be on a CD in this book. I hope I can get it printed and distributed early fall.
The working title is in Norwegian: ”Kjør på” (Do it)

My music:
Well, I do use a lot of time on this. Bought me a Kaos kaossilator, and testing it out. It not so many years since I started making music, and I think it´s getting somewhere now.

A really big project this spring is the compilation Nes!O with artist from my homeplace here at Nesodden. 18 contributors! All electronica. I just got 10 000,- NOK from Nesodden kommune to do this project! I´m so thankful of that. Thank you, thank you!
This money goes for a newspaper, presenting all the artist and more. A big job, and a great job. Really can do everything that I like on this. Talking to people. Take photos. And finally do the design to the newspaper.

This 2 projects is gonna take most of my time.
I´m also maybe into making a new photo exhibition. At ”Fotomessen” last week, there was some good input on this… More to come.

The next 14 days I will do a lot of scannings of my nature pictures during my photographic years. (From negatives and positive films) Some of them I shure will put here on my blog.
My bad news lately is that I fall on the ice. My shoulder almost broke, but its better now. The worst is that I can´t hear on my right ear! But the doctors said I have to wait for some weeks, and it will be good again. This set´s me a out a little though. But allright. I do other stuff than music, meanwhile.

But today is celebration time. 5 years of blogging is really something that I´m proud of. There are over 300 artikles and blogpost to find inside here. Have fun. And thank you for following me. I enjoy this, and I say to myself all the time: More blogposts!