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Saturday, April 2, 2011

What`s up then

Here`s a little report from my work and status upgraded. My exhibition at Flasken, on Nesoddtangen is finished. 3 pictures were actually sold. Not bad. My intention for this serie "Lyskrydder" (Light spice) is to get them to "kunstforeninger" (art gallerys) in Norway.
The picture you could see on top I photed today. I was walking around to clear up my thoughts here at Nesodden at my favourite small forest around Skoklefalltjern. Still there`s winter here. But soon spring is blooming out. Looking forward to that.
Here is a statement in norwegian:
I Norge har vi 6 måneder vinter. Vår, sommer og høst må gjøres unna på de resterende 6 månedene. tse2011 (Barndomslæren om 4 like lange årstider er tull)

What now?
First of all I have to do something about my CD that Anton Jawdokimov did mix and produced for me. I really can`t afford to print up some CD´s now. So....... I think I will make a digital release allready next week. Not doing so much out of it in the first place. Trying to get some money for a physical CD. That`s what I want. I really wan`t to have a release party. That could be later anyway.
"Meanwhile" is still here on this site too listen to. As the title said: Meanwhile.

Yesterday I was at an good old friend, who just started up with composing music again. (He had a hit song in Norway at the late 80`s) Interesting to see if we can help each other out. I think so... Time will show.

(Photo from my desk at home.)
I had also started on a new really ambitious project: "Nesodden suite" I will aloud myself to be more experimental on this project. All the musical pieces is about places at my hometown, Nesodden. The first one is finished (Not mixed) and is called: "På ski over Blankemyra" (On ski across Blankemyra) The idea came up this winter on all my skitours. The second one I´m working on now, and is soon to be finished. It´s called "Tomåsen"
As I said this is more experimental stuff, and I`m not in hurry to finished this up. Not this year anyway. The project has to grow as I´m learning more.
I keep up with the good work beside of this, and there`s soon a new track coming up. It´s for the deep, dark , dance floor, with a kind of groovy bass. I think the genre on this one is drumN´bass.

Follow me on twitter, and soon theres more to come. Enjoy life everyone.