Tape the sound

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thomsen updates -music and more

Here`s a big update about what`s happening.
There are several projects that is coming up and there`s also things happening right now...
First the bad news: I`ve decided to wait for the release with my CD "Tales without words" I can`t afford it at this moment. It`s a kind of sad relief actually. Because I wanted so much have the CD this spring. But money`missing. Sad to say. So I have to wait.
So I better go for making more music this year.
As you can see here there`s a new song coming up: No-Man part 1. Listen to it below. No-Man is a track that I made and didn`t have name on. So I went for a long walk, bringing the camera with me. Suddenly I got this idea about signs, and photograph them. An invisible man with a hat. No name, anonymous, no person, No-man. But it is though. Also there`s is a band called No-Man that I like. So it´s seams right to call my new song No-Man. And this part 1 is the beginning. I like the creative idea about an invisible man. I´m also more experimental into this project. Trying out some new sounds and noises. No-Man part 1 indicated for me, a new way to make music. More to a perfection. Still a way to go, but it`s cool. I`ve started up part 2.
Another project that I´m working on is "Nesodden suite". It`s ambient, art and classical influenced. I will not promote anything of this untill it`s finished!!! Yeah, that´s right. Keep the cards to my chest. But I can tell that it is about Nesodden places. (My hometown) And the first track is called "På ski over Blankemyra" Blankemyra is a place behind Røer gård that I went many times this winter on ski. 3 tracks are almost finished. But I will take my time on this project. It`s were art music and ambient meats. It`s about my feelings for Nesodden. And there`s ideas I have to do when it`s summer. (Record taking outside and so on to mix into music.) Estimated finishing time is spring 2012.
Finally I have to tell about Nes!O. This is a project that involves lot of my musician friends here at Nesodden. It´s a kind of compilation CD/digital tracks from Nesodden - Nes!O - with electronica music. From ambient, experimental to hard trance. I`ve made a promotion video that is soon to be coming up. The idea here is to start a crowd funning for this project. Working on the text to it now. More to come.
Coming up: Nordic light photofestival. Like every year I´m also going to Kristiansund this year. Helene Fjell need a little help from me to her exhibition at the festival, and of course I support her! I did the design on her art catalog, that is being printed as we speak. Also I´m looking forward to see all my photofriends.
Now it´s time to visit my mom and dad for lunch.
Thank you for following me on my blog, and remember that I am on twitter too as "Thomsen65".