Tape the sound

Monday, April 25, 2011

Bloomix 2 My webradio for Electronica fans!

Finally another Bloomix! Lot`s of electronica. All different styles. Ambient, triphop, lounge etc. You got it all here, in a mix that I´m proud of. Good to listen at. Dancy, jazzy, sleepy. Yes. It´s everything. The best of electronica, right now.
Here is the track list:
1. Pit Baumgartner: Cruise Waikiki
2. Ugress: Hovercraft Expedition
3. Thomsen: Orbit
4. Moffit & Mixman: Stay awake
5. J. Roland: Deep space
6. Kai Handberg: Moneyrock
7. Mark Mosher: Midnight
8. Neon Karma: Tokyo 7 pm
9. Ryadeum: Ryadeum
10. Thomsen: Sunshine
11. Tom Tyler: Siolim
12. Moca: Jaguar