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Thursday, January 13, 2011

CD album: End of studio work

The first week in january was really busy. Several days in music studio, opening of my photo exhibition and more! Quite busy yeah. But it has been the best time of year! Allready and of course... My photo exhibition to come in later post.
This post is about our last days in music studio finishing my CD album.
And the last song was the one to take longest time. The reason is obvious: Viktoria Winge write and sing some really cool lyrics to this song, and Anton Jawdokimov (The producer) make a pop song out of my kind of teckno track. But the result of this collaboration between the 3 of us, made a hit to the album. A POP HIT! Yeah.
So this is a third in credits and composing for each of us in this song.
Anton really used a good time working on this one. More than 3 days of hard work to do this song. "Spring" will be a propher title on this song. Viktoria`s voice is so good on this.

Viktoria Winge composed the lyrics and sing on the final song, to my album.

So that is the end of our studio session so far. Now it`s up to me to bring all the material further. 9 electonica pieces and 1 pop song. Thats good.
What would my artist name be? That is still a problem I have to solve. Also the title of the album is something that I don`t now yet. But at the end of this week, it must be decided.
Really looking forward to go on with this.
Thank you Anton, for making it so great in studio. And all this days and hour`s we share, really keep me going on this project.
And there also a posibilty for more work together, with me as an "invisible" member of Anton and Viktoria group; Babyjaws.
"Spring" is the song we can share and use as we all wanted.
Some of the material is soon to come up on this blog. But I have to work a little on the release first. How, and when and promotion stuff, design and so on. But it want take long time now. The story continues.